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How To Order

N-Copy Webshop



N-Copy Webshop is N-Copy's online shop, where products are sorted in categories. Please read to find out how to oreder, pay, and safety of the data.


Products are searchable by click or entering keywords in the Search field (such as printer model, toner type, etc.). Description of a product, including photo, serve only as illustration and have informational purpose.

Search field across pages available in the header banner (upper right corner) on every page.


When you find a desired product, just follow the link to the product-dedicated page to check all details.

Product descriptions were created according to specs of the manufacturers of the equipment and/or printing supplies. In reality, features may differ in some degree. N-Copy can only substantiate information for own products - Max-Print Toners and Power Toners, the lines of replacement toners in either unused or refurbished cartridges (cassettes).

Terms and pricing for every individual order are part of Terms & Conditions of the N-Copy d.o.o. (i.e. N-Copy, LLC).

Ordering A Product

To order a product, follow these steps:

1) Shopping Cart: Selecting a shopping cart with will open a mini-cart page on your right hand side. You have to select at least one product. The article will have a photo, name of the product, amount and price. In the lower side of the cart is a subtotal of the purchase at the moment. You can add or remove an article at any time during the shopping tour.

2) Address: You will be required to enter an e-mail address, a mailing address and a phone number (mobile number preferred). Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. These help N-Copy deliver your products to a designated address in time. We put constant effort to save and guard all the data according to the GDPR rules and guidelines, and shall not divulge them to any third side. Exception is when some of the data - such as delivery address and phone number - are required by the external courier service. Please, make sure the address for delivery should be entered properly, including postal code (ZIP) and Postal Address Code (PAC), if available.

3) Order: When you decided to finish the selection of products, your Order will be displayed as a list, including product(s) name, pricing and method of delivery. When confirmed, the Order should also contain a unique order number. Please not that all pricing - excluding Value Added Tax (in Serbia, the standard VAT rate is 20%). The VAT amount will be given as a separate amount.

4) Delivery: Your Order is now finished, and should contain the delivery address, total amount and method of delivery. You should receive an e-mail of confirmation. N-Copy aims to deliver all products by itself, but may have to use an external courier service. Our partner is PostExpress, a division of Post of Serbia, public postal corporation. If the delivery is via PostExpress, the courier will have your phone number and address, and must call you before the delivery to confirm address and time. You will be able to track your shipment via Track & Trail tool and code supplied by PostExpress.


If you are not sure that you managed to follow the instructions or have additional question, do not hesitate to call us 011/267-00-76. You can always contact us via chat, or by messaging service connected to our Facebook Page or by sending us an e-mail.

Orders Processing

All orders online and by phone or e-mail received by 13:00 CET (1:00 PM CET) are processed and delivered on the same day - if products are available and other conditions are met.

All orders accepted after 13:00 CET (1:00 PM CET) on working days, or Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be processed and delivered the next working day.

When orders are placed by phone or by e-mail, some terms and conditions may differ, as you may have special requests or suggestions, or may require an all-inclusive service.

For any form of device rental (see: Rentals page), additional terms and conditions apply, including mandatory rental contract, which must be signed in person or using electronic signature. Do not hesitate to ask for any and every detail by phone or e-mail.


N-Copy, LLC runs its business in Serbia and delivers goods and services in Serbia.

For shipments with delivery address in Belgrade, Novi Sad and/or Niš, N-Copy will deliver items free of charge and within the same day, whenever possible. When ordering, double check that you have provided accurate phone number and  address. An N-Copy's courier will call you to confirm place and time of delivery.


For shipments with delivery address elsewhere, N-Copy may decide to use services of PostExpress, observing their terms and pricing. The shipment can be tracked using their Track & Trail tool. The PostExpress' the courier will have your phone number and address, and must call you before the delivery to confirm address and time.

If your shipment is unreasonably late or has not arrived at all, call us on 011/2670076.

For users and clients in Bosnia and Herzegovina: For prices and terms, please make sure you visited the N-Copy Bijeljina site and/or call: +387 55/355-211 or send an e-mail to N-Copy Bijeljina.



On delivery: Paying in cash or by card on delivery of your shipment.

Online payments: You can pay using e-banking or m-banking tools, using instructions from N-Copy's seller, with due delivery. Instructions are sent via e-mail or SMS.

Companies: Ask for invoice. Delivery upon payment. 

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